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Hello Friends, welcome to!

This is a temporary web page to give you the basics of my upcoming online percussion web site.  Please click on my email address at the bottom of this page to receive notices of its launch in the Spring of 2024

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Learn Percussion Skills While
Reinforcing Powerful, Positive Life Rhythms! 

    Beginning To Advanced Levels For:
Percussion & Rhythm Skills • Recreation • Personal Empowerment  

• Percussion & Rhythm Skills:  Perfrmance & Personal Enrichment For ALL Musicians
• Recreation:  Personal Play, Family & Friend Jam Sessions & Drum Circles
• Personal Empowerment:  Release Stress, Energize Mind & Body, & Celebrate Life! 

I’ve based my Rhythm Power program on over four decades of my own personal and professional global Rhythm Journey.

I’ve been blessed to have played music with, and lived with, people from many, many different cultures. Time and time again, I’ve experienced that people, and their communities, are grounded in the same fundamental elements that are “hardwired” into all of us as human beings… these are part of our biology, our chemistry, our anthropology, and our humanity!

We humans have the innate ability to reinforce positive Life Rhythms by nurturing, and reinforcing, universal, fundamental Life Skills.  Rhythm play is one of the oldest ways we humans have ever created to do this!

In my work with corporate team building, community celebrations, private groups, music education and, performing with musicians from many cultures, I’ve studied the foundation rhythmic patterns that underly all world musical styles.  I use these universal rhythmic principles to quickly… and playfully… allow people from all walks of life to internalize these foundation patterns. I’ve developed a fun, step-by-step, Rhythm Journey that begins at the beginning (as all journeys do) with the basics of rhythm, and of the percussion instruments you choose to play.  I then guide you as you proceed by celebrating your successes in a way that leads to each new step!

This makes it easy for people to get into the in-the-moment state that musicians call the Groove.  This is the same state that athletes call the Zone, that meditation practitioners sometimes refer to as Effortless Mastery, and that is also called Flow.

Being in this groove state allows us to let go of our busy, chattering minds, and to reinforce positive. powerful Life Rhythms… patterns of attitude and action… that help us to live the lives we WANT to live!

I look forward to joining you on your own Rhythm Journey, and to celebrating our participation together in the age-old global rhythm community!

Many Blessings to you!

 About Reinforcing Powerful, Positive Life Rhythms With Rhythm Power:   

Rhythm is all about repetition.  In music, as in all of Life, we get good at the things we repeat.  So we want to make sure that we are repeating the things we WANT to get good at!  These are the good habits, the ongoing patterns of attitude and action, that help us live the life we want to live. We then practice these good habits as a way to replace the bad habits that get in our way of living our lives in the way way want! 

  Some of these Positive Life Rhythms that we reinforce with Rhythm Power:
• Breathing in natural, effective cycles
• Releasing stress & muscle tension
• Getting into positive Grooves; productive Rhythms of attitude & action
• Stimulating creativity and a playful spirit
• Reinforcing the fundamental Life Skills of listening, communicating & collaborating
• Celebrating the blessings of Life! 

                              “Playing drums and percussion with purpose, because of the repetitive nature of rhythm,  has many of the same physical, mental and emotional benefits as Yoga, Meditation, Martial Arts and Athletics.”
– Jim Greiner, Interviewed on NPR, Boston, MA